Arms Weapons Coating Services 

Advanced Coating Technologies is well-known for providing several custom coating recipes for the Firearms, Weapons, and Defense Manufacturing industries. Many of our coatings offer both reflective and non-reflective surfaces that reduces the absorption of heat from the sun. Additionally, our coatings keep pistols, rifles, and weapons cool during extreme hot weather conditions. Our scientists and engineers design our coatings to withstand the abrasion of sand & dirt, strong chemicals, fungus, and the attraction of dirt. We apply low friction properties to our coatings for many steel and titanium components to ensure that they don’t interfere with the weapons’ functionality. Any component that has our coatings have improved wear resistance, smother slide on the counter surface, low lubricated components to avoid dirt & dust attraction, and reduced needed frequent servicing. We are one of the very few coating companies to have an on-board scientist and Federal Firearms License to handle your gun coating needs.