Coating Services:

Advanced Coating Technologies offers a wide variety of Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) using the latest technology to bring state-of-the-art coatings to our clients in a variety of industries. Our PVD portfolio includes TiN, CrN, TiAIN, ZrN, TiCN, TiAlN, AlTiN, AlTiCrN, Quantum & X-LC; in addition, we offer 4th Generation Nanocomposite Coatings such as NaCRO as well as our Diamond Like Coating (DLC) line of coatings.

Our coatings offer improved adhesion, minimized friction and wear and extend the life of our tools and components. Our process includes a new clean line for surface pretreatment as well as polishing and edge preparation services. Our Scientists and technical staff provide the best in class solutions using the latest technology to handle your coating needs from concept to production.

The important parameter in PVD coating is toughness not hardness, H/y=toughness whereas h=hardness y=young modulus. This ratio must be maximum for PVD coatings; this can be achieved by various techniques including using high power pulse electric energy- hipims tech, Multi-layered coatings, using nano size layered coatings, nano grains size coatings. Many modern 4th generations coatings are based on this technology such as NaCRO and several DLC coatings.

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  • Aircraft & Aerospace

    ACT has developed a range of surfaced engineered solutions to help the aerospace industry solve problems and improve efficiency. Using ACT’s low temperature Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) and advanced Nano-Structured DLC coatings we have been able to dramatically increase the lifetime of critical components. PVD coatings help reduce friction and wear, increase lubricity to minimize potential hazards and protect against corrosion with enrichment of the surface layers.

  • Plastics & Molds

    Due to ever more complex demands made on plastic materials it has resulted in incorporation of a large variety of additives ranging from colorants, powders and glass fiber. These additives have caused a great deal of abrasion, sticking, pitting and corrosion of mold and dies surfaces. This has necessitated the use of suitable PVD coatings on Molds and Die surfaces. PVD Coatings exhibit better corrosion resistance, better Oxidation resistance, better coating adhesion, higher hardness, improved wear Resistance and excellent mold release properties in comparison to chrome plating.

  • Cutting Tools

    ACT coatings save overall machining cost as they allow higher cutting speeds and feeds, advanced oxidation resistance and reduce the time needed for tool change due to the extended tool life. The low coefficient of friction properties and the hardness of the coatings allow the reduction of lubrication, low-thermal conductivity, establish predictable wear and ensure a better surface quality of the machined part.

  • Medical & Dental

    ACT has been involved in the development and production of biocompatible PVD, PACVD and ceramic, diamond like carbon and metallic thin film coatings for medical use for more than ten years. Our coatings feature high hardness, wear resistance, excellent adhesion, fracture toughness, low friction and biocompatible properties. The coatings are used on a wide variety of medical implants and instruments and are engineered to withstand sterilization procedures and internal human body conditions. Our services catering to medical and dental components include TiN, ZrN, CrN, AlTiN and DLC coatings among others.

  • Defense/Military

    The Military and Defense industries have a wide array of needs to support their inventory. Rather it be the ball bearings in a part for a 70 Ton Tank or the watchband buckle with a Black PVD coating, the needs are substantial. ACT has developed special coatings to protect the outer surfaces from scratching and abrasive wear that solve problems associated with corrosion, lubricity, film adhesion, and wear. Internal parts that need regular servicing benefit from the use DLC (diamond like carbon) coatings.

  • Automotive

    Car and truck manufacturers are being forced to downsize and improve the efficiency of engines without compromising performance levels. Our PVD coatings provide increased wear resistance, decreased friction and are designed to reduce energy losses in the valve train components and engine bearings; additionally, our coatings are designed for pistons, pins, bushings, camshafts, gears and most sliding or rotating parts. Some of the coatings offered to improve the life of these parts include CrN, TiN, TiCN, Molybdenum Disulphide (MoS2) & DLC base coatings.

  • Arms/Weapons

    ACT offers several coatings for the Arms & Weapons manufacturing industry. Our coatings offer both reflective and non-reflective surfaces, reduces the absorption of heat from the sun and keeps pistols and rifles cool even in the heat of the desert. Coatings are designed to resist the abrasion of sand and dirt, the attack of chemicals and fungus and reduces the attraction of dirt. The low friction properties of our coating applied to steel and titanium components ensure they don’t interfere with the functions of the weapon. Coated parts have a higher wear resistance, slide smoother on the counter surface; low lubricated or dry components avoid the attraction of dirt and dust and reduce the need for frequent servicing.

  • Food

    From thermoform tooling for flat and rotary production lines, to blow molding and flexible packaging, ACT has the knowledge and experience to provide you with the best quality and most cost-effective coatings. We specialize in solving wear, friction, and corrosion issues for molds, clamp rings, plug assists, sealing bars, blades, and several other packaging components. We Offer PVD coatings that are non-toxic and suitable for contact with consumable substances; our premium coatings provide increased wear resistance and a longer component/part lifetime.

  • Dies/Punches

    ACT’s coatings can improve the performance and productivity of Punches & Dies and have been engineered for high hardness, wear resistance, toughness, corrosion resistance, improved surface quality and low coefficient of friction. In addition, our coatings minimize the need for expensive lubricants and tool cleaning, resulting in long-term cost savings. The experience of our technical staff allows for the matching of the applications mechanical demands to the coating features and its capabilities.