There are several differences that set ACT aside from other coating providers. First is the technical skill of our staff. We maintain full time PhD qualified scientists having 30+ years of experience within the coating industry. Next is our ability to test the coatings we deposit. ACT has invested in extensive in- house coating and testing equipment including:


This system, also called XRF (X-Ray Induced Fluorescence) is used to measure the thickness of coatings. Once calibrated, it could be used to not only measure the thickness of flat substrates but also focus on the very cutting iedge of any cutting tool including drills and endmills.


Like the Fischersciope, this system is also used to measure the thickness of coatings. In addition, it reveals the stack of individual coatings layered to comprise the overall coating.


A tribometer is an instrument used to measure the coefficient of friction between to surfaces in contact and set to move against each other. This instrument is used for coatings designed to reduce friction on substrates such as bearings.

These are just a few of the items we use to test our coating results. To truly be a premier coating facility, it’s not just about coating an item; it’s about being able to test the coated product to insure the coating will hold up to the purpose it was intended. Our onsite scientist is ready to collaborate with our customers to insure their coating needs are met.

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