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We provide products and services that meet or exceed our customer’s requirements. We do our absolute best to deliver on-time. We maintain an open line of communication with our customers. We continually strive to improve our performance through monitoring, measuring and analyzing the results of our critical processes.

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ACT provides various Advanced Coating Options ranging from PVD, DLC, MoS2, Hard, TiN, CrN for numerous industries:

Industries Served

We’re here to help with all of your industrial coating needs :
Cutting Tools

Over 12+ years of PVD & DLC Coating Experiences for Cutting Tools. Our coating experts and scientist lead the coating industry with the latest coatings that are designed to improve protection and extend tool lifespan.


Our coatings and finished polishes offer both reflective and non-reflective surfaces. Many of our coatings are designed to resist the abrasion of sand & dirt, the attack of chemicals & fungus, and the attraction of dirt.


We have been able to dramatically increase the lifetime of critical aerospace industry components by using our low-temperature PVD and advanced Nano-Structured DLC coatings. Our coatings help reduce friction & wear, increase lubricity to minimize potential hazards, and protect against corrosion with surface layers enrichment.


ACT moves forward with innovative medical coatings that push the boundaries and exceed expectations. Many of our medical coatings are designed to be bio-compatible and anti-sticking of vicious bodily fluids.


Many of our automotive coatings can be applied for light alloy materials for faster speeds and better fuel economy. Additionally, we offer numerous color options with unique luxury coating appearances.

High Performance Sports

Get a competitive edge when the game matters. Our coatings help enhance game performances while having essential endurance protection from many harsh sport environment conditions.


Put your talents to utilize where openings are limitless and consistently has any kind of effect.


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Our Team


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