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Who we are

Advanced Coating Technologies (ACT) is one of the largest coating providers on the West Coast and country’s leading service providers of surface coating technologies. Our coatings significantly enhance the durability and performance for many molds, cutting tools, and precision components made from metal and plastics. We’re located in Valencia, CA and opened its doors in 2006; it was co-founded by Dr. Andreas Schuetze; the company was subsequently sold in 2014 to its current CEO. Since selling off the organization Dr. Schuetze has rejoined the organization in 2017 as our Vice President of Technology leading our state-of-the-art coating technologies facility.

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What we do

Our coating services include PVD, DLC, MOS & Nitriding and our PVD services include TiN,TiCN, ZrN, CrN, TiAIN, AlTiN, X-LC and many more. ACT develops extremely thin and exceptionally hard coatings to reduce friction and ware. Our entire production process is designed to improve the quality of your tools and parts and is flexibly adapted to your requirements. We have extensive in-house coating and testing capability including Optical Microscopes, Tribo Meters, Calo Testers and Fisherscope X-ray systems.

Why Advanced Coating Technologies?

Often, coating technology requires many years of expertise and knowledge. Fortunately, our experienced coating staff and scientist make a difference for many coating solutions. Many applications subject components and tools to high levels of stress. These areas can be strengthened by appropriate thermochemical methods, which enable the creation of high-performance materials from low-alloy steels. Through surface modifications, thermochemical methods (coating) offers cost-effective ways to improve base material attributes such as wear resistance, friction behavior and corrosion resistance.

Our scientists have developed coating processes and coating layers with well-defined and reproducible properties. Whether your aim is immediate success with proven coatings, or the joint development of innovative solutions, Advanced Coating Technologies is the partner who can get it done.

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